1) What is the duration of Online Training?

Ans: There is no duration of online training, once you register and completes the payment process, then within 24 hours you will receive an Email from ELEATION, containing all the details regarding the Online Training, You can start the training as per your own convenience and complete the training as per your own schedule.

2) Till what time I can access the Training Content?

Ans: You can access the training content for lifetime, there is no expire for the training content.

3) Can I join ELEATION’s CAD Contest now and start the training after 2 months?

Ans: Yes, you can register, complete the payment process and join the ELEATION’s CAD Contest Now and start the training as per your own convenience. There is no Start time or end time for ELEATION’s CAD(CREO) Basic To Professional Training Program.

4) If I don’t participate in CAD Contest then whether I am eligible for Training Certificate.

Ans: Yes, CAD Contest is only to find out the winners and release the prize, if you don’t participate in CAD contest still after completing all the 45 sessions you can download the certificate, internship project, internship letter and letter of recommendation.

5) If my rank is 51 in CAD Contest then whether I am eligible for Placement in ELEATION?

Ans: No, the placement via CAD Contest is only for top 50 Rank holders.

6) How will I get the software?

Ans: We will share a link to your Email ID, from which you can download the software setup and license.