1. Theory of FEM and CAE

2. 1D Theory - Rod , Bar, Beam - Tension , Compression, Simply Supported and Fix - Fix problems

3. Line Mesh of Roll cage and Geometry Editing on Line Data of Roll Cage

4. 2D Theory , Getting Started with HyperMesh, Opening and Saving Files, Working with Panels, Organizing a Model, Controlling the Display

5. Importing and Repairing CAD, Generating a Midsurface, Simplifying Geometry, Refining Topology to Achieve a Quality Mesh

6. Plate with hole - with washer and without washer

7. AutoMeshing, Meshing without Surfaces, 2-D Mesh in Curved Surfaces, QI Mesh Creation, Checking and Editing Mesh

8. Plate with Hole - Biasing - Panels - Ruled, Spline, skin, Drag, spin, line drag, automesh

9. Panels - Surface, Surface Edit, Defeature, Midsurface, quick Edit, Edge Edit

10. 3D Theory , Creating and Editing Solid Geometry

11. Tetrameshing, Creating a Hex-Penta Mesh using Surfaces, Creating a Hexahedral Mesh using the Solid Map Function

12. Solids, solid edit, drag, spin, line drag, tetramesh, solid map, linear solid, solid mesh

13. Linear Static Analysis

14. Thermal Stress Analysis

15. Normal Modes Analysis

16. Inertia Relief Analysis

17. Buckling Analysis

18. Weld Simulation

19. Composite Analysis

20. Axi-Symmetric Analysis

21. Non-Linear Gap Analysis

22. Random Response Analysis

23. Coupled Linear Heat Transfer/Structure

24. Linear Steady State Heat Convection Analysis

25. Linear Transient Heat Transfer Analysis

26. Thermal Stress Analysis using Anisotropic Material

27. Heat Transfer Analysis using GAP Element

28. Direct Frequency Response Analysis

29. Modal Frequency Response Analysis

30. Direct Transient Dynamic Analysis

31. Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis

32. Pretensioned Bolt Analysis

33. Fatigue using S-N (Stress - Life) Method

34. Fatigue using E-N (Strain - Life) Method

35. Complex Eigenvalue Analysis

36. Response Spectrum Analysis

37. Computation of Equivalent Radiant Power

38. Non-Linear Quasi Static Analysis