ELEATION's Global CAD (Design) Contest : 2024

Internship | Placement | Prizes (11 Lakhs)

ELEATION's Global CAD (Design) Contest : 2024

Register Now INR 2,000/- INR 1000/- and Get ELEATION's CREO(CAD) Basic To Professional Training Program for Free!

ELEATION is excited to announce India's unique CAD Contest designed for aspiring engineers and working professionals. This contest stands out as all participants will receive full access to ELEATION’s CREO (CAD) Basic to Professional course prior to the event.

The contest will be held online, and registered participants will enjoy the following benefits in addition to a chance to win prize money totaling 11 Lakhs:

    - Comprehensive Training: Participants will have complete access to ELEATION’s CREO (CAD) Basic to Professional Course, ensuring they are well-prepared for the contest.
    - Practical Learning: The Online CREO (CAD) Course includes practicing models and industrial problem statements/models to enhance practical CAD knowledge.
    - Certification: An ISO-certified Training Certificate will be provided to all registered participants.
    - Internship Letter: All participants will receive an internship letter for solving industrial models.
    - Experience Letter: Participants will also receive an experience letter detailing their work in the field of CAD.
    - Placement Assistance: ELEATION will provide placement assistance to help participants advance their careers.